About us

Nothing gets your goat like skin, hair and body care luxuries that don’t care for us as much as we do for ourselves, right?

We are a Melbourne-based family who struggled with our kids’ intolerances to the likes of (dare we mention them) SLS, SLES, Parabens and the like. We decided that enough was enough of using harsh chemicals to clean, treat and care for our family’s skin and so The Natural Goat Milk Company® was born.

We wanted to use milk from happy goats and using product from Australian goats roaming free in the Gippsland countryside we were able to do this and lay foundation to The Natural Goat Milk Company® mantra “Happy goats, happy milk, happy skin”.

We are not the first people to wake up and have a light bulb moment and want to create a sustainable, skin-kind and effective range of products with real benefits but these products have heart and soul and they work..... in fact, they work really well!

What if goats’ milks’ benefits could be enhanced and multiplied, wouldn’t the family look and feel even better?