Our Ingredients


 In a land far away (New Zealand), there was, and still is, a native bee that pollinates the Manuka Bush. Never willing to compromise ingredient integrity, The Natural Goat Milk Company® sourced this wonder ingredient, from its best environment, to complement its already rich formulations. The Natural Goat Milk Company® Manuka Honey range gives your hair and skin the Manuka Bazooka it needs to survive, recover and replenish...

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-redness – Calming by nature, calming in efficacy
  • Cell damage repair
  • Hydrating for a radiant, natural glow
  • Anti-ageing properties - Anti-MMP – These bad boys destroy collagen.




Sourced from Australia’s tropical far north Queensland, The Natural Goat Milk Company® researched and invested in the best quality coconuts in Australia to happily deliver the highest integrity ingredient to you “Coconutters”. The benefits reach across every sumptuous formulation in the range.

Here’s what the Coconut gives you 

  • It calms irritated, red and sensitive skin – There are enough angry, red faces in the world.
  • Coconut Promotes youthful, smoothed and rested skin – Because youthful, smoothed and rested is goooood!
  • Maximises absorption of moisture and makes you look “all dewy”
  • It’s a natural anti-bacterial – like a pro biotic for your skin.
  • Coconut soothes and deep-conditions – We don’t like to be conditioned but if it’s in the skin sense then that’s just fine.